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51 audicions

Maria Dolors Bonal, Manuel Artigues, Ignasi Barjau.






















Director: George Guest

Marisa Robles - Arpa

St. John's College Choir, Cambridge, England

A Decca (London) Recording (P) 1965



1. "Procession" ("Hodie Christus natus est", Gregorian antiphon to the Magnificat at Second Vespers of Christmas)

2. "Wolcum Yole!"

3. "There is no Rose" (Trinity College MS 0.3.58, early 15c)

4a. "That yonge child"

4b. "Balulalow" (The brothers Wedderburn, fl. 1548)

5. "As dew in Aprille" (Sloane 2593, first quarter 15c)

6. "This little Babe" (from Robert Southwell's "Newe Heaven, Newe Warre", 1595)

7. "Interlude" (harp solo)

8. "In Freezing Winter Night" (Southwell)

9. "Spring Carol" (16c., also set by William Cornysh)

10. "Deo Gracias" (Sloane 2593)

11. "Recession" ("Hodie")